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        Your Global Health Bridge

        Bridging Asia and the Americas, we provide our partners with
        vision and expertise as a manufacturer, distributor, and regulatory advisor.


        When you work with Carlsbad Tech you never have to worry about quality. Our cGMP- compliant manufacturing facility has both temperature and air controls to guarantee product integrity.


        The name YungShin represents the world’s best quality, offering partners like you the peace of mind and confidence to trust Carlsbad Tech? with your?customers’ health.


        Carlsbad Tech? can help you succeed through YungShin’s strength, commitment to innovation, and their pursuit of “providing the best medicines to enhance human health.”

        Technical Expertise

        We’re a true partner—one with decades of expertise and insights enabling us to foresee industry trends, innovate ahead of the curve, and help you capitalize on market opportunities.

        Our Capabilites

        Carlsbad Tech? has?the strength, capacity, reliability and speed you need to gain market share, scaling up to meet consumer demands—without sacrificing quality.

        We combine experience, quality and reliability.

        Learn More

        Our focus is manufacturing expertise.

        Carlsbad Tech? rigorously conforms to FDA and cGMP requirements. What’s more, we carefully inspect all raw materials, thoroughly test products throughout the manufacturing cycle, and carefully calibrate all our processes.

        Drug Distributor

        From generics to OTCs, APIs and more, Carlsbad Tech? offers a full range of products in a number of different treatment categories, and is constantly?bringing new products to market.

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